Run OpenShift 4.x locally

By Juan Carlos Garcia Pelaez | August 31, 2019

After some finding and waiting, we can have a way of locally test OpenShift 4 in our local machines. Thanks to an update to the post in the great article about the differences between OpenShift and Kubernetes we discovered that there is a replacement for Minishift and the “oc cluster up” command, not working for OpenShift 4. The only ways to test OpenShift 4 was with an installation in the cloud or the OpenShift online testing version (only free for a month).

The crc project gives us a new tool for launching an OpenShift 4x cluster in your local machine. We have tested it on a Windows Machine. The first try was with VirtualBox, with no success, but it worked with hyper-v, the default virtual machine driver.

Once we have downloaded the crc executable file, we only need to execute the two commands:

crc setup
crc start

The command will require access to a download token, with a free RedHat developer subscription you can have it.

Once started, the cluster will be accessible on https://console-openshift-console.apps-crc.testing

In the clean installation we can observe a big number of projects created by default (46 projects).

Not everything is running, for example the monitoring is not enabled by default, we have to start all deployments in the project “OpenShift monitoring” (img/posts/openshift-4-local/openshift-monitoring.png)

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